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About The False Claims Act And Your Opportunities As A Whistleblower

The False Claims Act, a federal law first passed in 1863 and most recently updated in 2010, is a powerful legal tool that allows ordinary people to help hold areas of the federal government accountable for wrongdoing. Private citizens, as whistleblowers, can bring claims for damages after they have become aware of illegalities for which any branch of the U.S. government is responsible. A whistleblower case is often called a “qui tam.” Someone who files a qui tam case is called a “relator” or a whistleblower.

Bringing a claim through provisions of the False Claims Act may seem appealing to people who have witnessed illegal activity committed in the name of the government. If a False Claims Act case is successful, the agency that is in the wrong may be required to pay large fines. The whistleblower typically receives a monetary reward as part of the settlement or verdict. However, false or fraudulent qui tam cases can backfire. Each year, the United States obtains billions in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving false or fraudulent claims against the government.

Clearly, reliable legal advice is essential if you want to blow the whistle on fraud or other violations of laws through the False Claims Act. Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, has been a solid source of counsel and support for many whistleblowers throughout the country.

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Our Law Firm Can Guide You And Protect Your Rights Along The Way

Qui tam cases are often complex and require the assistance of experts such as forensic specialists. Our attorneys draw on extensive knowledge, experience and networks to protect our clients in whistleblower claims. We have successfully counseled many clients through claims and lawsuits involving health care fraud, corruption and other crimes.

Our experienced whistleblower attorneys can help you determine if you have observed a False Claims Act violation, guide you through blowing the whistle in a manner calculated to protect your career and fight for your rights if your employer retaliates.

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