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Aggressive Advocates For Whistleblowers

The attorneys at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, are aggressive advocates for whistleblowers. Whether you are contemplating blowing the whistle on illegal activity or experiencing retaliation for taking a stand, we can help.

Our attorneys have experience litigating a wide variety of whistleblower matters ranging from reporting health care fraud and obtaining rewards for recouping money stolen from the government to ending illegal pollution and protecting the careers of federal employees who seek to stop fraud, waste, abuse and gross mismanagement.

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Types Of Fraud Reported By Whistleblowers

Potential whistleblowers should keep in mind that there are many arenas for False Claims Act fraud besides the high-profile ones involving Medicare and defense industry contracting like off-label marketing and prescription drug sales. Federal student loan and financial aid programs, which include Pell grants, Stafford loans and PLUS loans, continue to be another area ripe for abuse and one in which our firm has specific expertise.

How We Help

We can help you navigate the complex web of state and federal whistleblower laws. We are your advocate every step of the way. We can help you make anonymous disclosures to agencies and inspectors general, represent your interests before the Office of Special Counsel or Department of Justice and, of course, fight for you in the courtroom.

Many potential whistleblowers and their lawyers believe all they need to do is file a complaint, and then sit back and wait to receive a big check. Unfortunately, it does not happen that way. After you file a whistleblower lawsuit, the government assigns it to a government lawyer who has numerous other assignments on their desk.

You need someone who can get your case to the top of the pile. Hoyer Law Group, PLLC’s attorneys leverage their decades of experience to turn your knowledge into results in a whistleblower complaint. Our law firm is uniquely qualified to enhance your whistleblower case’s likelihood of success. Our attorneys have litigated big cases before, and our investigative team knows how to prove fraud in a persuasive manner.

Attorneys Jesse Hoyer Estes, Sean Estes and Neil Ognibene

Our team’s expert knowledge of how the system works and how to get the government’s interest makes a huge difference when it counts most. Our attorneys have worked with assistant United States attorneys and regulators across the nation, developing invaluable relationships with them along the way. These relationships and the proper presentation of your evidence are crucial to convincing the government to intervene. More than 90% of all whistleblower recoveries come from intervened cases so the importance of this part of the process cannot be overstated.

Further, we know the settlement or verdict is not the last step for you. If we file a False Claims Act case on your behalf, we will pursue the highest possible reward should there be a recovery. Our attorneys have successfully litigated relator’s share disputes in federal court and defended the awards on appeal.

Our Methods Get Results

Over their careers, Hoyer Law Group, PLLC’s attorneys have helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars for the government and exposed some of the worst actors in the whistleblower fraud arena. Read more about our attorneys’ accomplishments in the About Us section or just give us a call if you think you have a case.


“Thank you for your tremendous help settling this case and helping me to move on with my life. Without your guidance, diligence and hard word, I’m sure we could not have closed this chapter. I appreciate your hard work and would like to express my deep gratitude – thank you for being on my team.”

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