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Outside Business Counsel Brandon, FL

Many small to mid-sized businesses cannot afford a full-time business attorney to safeguard their legal interests, but that doesn’t mean they should go without legal guidance. The experienced legal team at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, can fulfill that role for your company. As your Brandon, FL, outside business counsel, we support you through each stage of your business journey, from start-up through incorporation and even drafting your business succession plan.

Our skilled business lawyers offer comprehensive support for all aspects of your business, from supplier contracts to employment manuals or partnership agreements. We can also complete your entity formation, represent you in contract negotiation, and ensure compliance with Florida and federal laws. Contact our firm today to get started.

Why Retain A Brandon Outside Business Counsel?

Think of an outside counsel attorney as a freelance lawyer who provides advice and guidance as needed without the need to hire a full-time attorney as an employee. Some common reasons smaller business owners retain outside counsel include evaluating business opportunities, conducting risk assessments, and identifying potential consequences of various actions.

Understanding the legal implications of certain decisions can help you avoid costly litigation and resolve disputes more efficiently. If your business faces a dispute or litigation threat, we can represent you in negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. We can also advocate for you in court if we cannot achieve a resolution otherwise.

Our firm advises executives, boards of directors, business owners, and shareholders. You can rely on us for legal emergencies, knowing we are committed to your success. We build an ongoing business relationship with you, gaining a deep understanding of your goals and concerns. This insight is applied to every legal situation, ensuring your protection.

Comprehensive General Counsel Services In Florida

The business lawyers at our firm advise business owners on a wide range of issues, from tax liability to transactions, contract reviews, and employment law. We consider ourselves as a partner in growing and maintaining your business, helping you avoid serious legal and financial issues.

As your legal representative, we draft and review all legal documents, including partnership agreements, business succession plans, lease and rental agreements, and vendor and employment contracts. We also protect your intellectual property (IP) and monitor for any breaches.

Are You Ready To Expand Your Business?

When it’s time to expand, we negotiate mergers or acquisitions, perform due diligence, and establish transaction terms. We guide you on new business formation and the best structure for your new entity. Our outside counsel attorneys can enforce contracts and take legal action if necessary, including handling non-solicitation and non-compete agreements or other breaches. Often, we can settle these matters through arbitration or mediation, representing your business in negotiations.

How Can A Brandon Outside Business Counsel Attorney Help You?

Laws are constantly evolving, and part of running your business involves compliance with Florida and federal regulations. Our attorneys keep you informed about changes that could impact your business and advise you on necessary adjustments or opportunities arising from new laws.

At Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, we act as strategic advisors to your company’s leadership team. Our insights can protect you and help your business thrive. Contact our firm today for a personalized consultation.

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