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About Our Firm

Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, was founded by experienced civil litigators focusing in employment, whistleblower, and business law with a passion for righting wrongs and helping their clients succeed. Our team’s ingenuity and know-how have helped employees find justice, whistleblowers recover millions on behalf of the government, and businesses operate efficiently.

Founding Partner Jesse Hoyer was raised by federal and state prosecutors Chris and Judy Hoyer in Tampa, Florida. Jesse’s parents, along with Bill James, ran Tampa’s State Attorney’s Office for almost a decade before entering private practice in 1992. Jesse began her practice at her parents’ law firm, where she learned from their dedication to fighting fraud and advocating for whistleblowers. After a decade of practice, Jesse started Hoyer Law Group with her fellow founding partners Sean Estes, an experienced civil litigator, and David Scher, who has vast expertise in all areas of employment and business law.

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Together, Jesse, Sean, and David have assembled a team of highly skilled, highly motivated practitioners to prosecute your employment case, advise your business, or help you recover taxpayer dollars on behalf of the government as a whistleblower.

Rather than engaging in the type of “scorched earth” litigation for which some law firms have become notorious, the attorneys at Hoyer Law Group pride themselves at being effective, efficient advocates. Whenever possible, we work collaboratively with the other side to achieve our clients’ goals while respecting our clients’ as well as the government’s resources.

At Hoyer Law Group, the focus is always on our clients and the facts. Client communication is key to a great attorney-client relationship, and we do our best to make sure that you always have access to your attorneys when you need them.

Communicating your facts is equally essential to success. Our firm leverages in-house technology and its investigative prowess to assemble, refine, and present your facts in the most persuasive manner possible, whether the audience is your employer, employees, or the government.

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Our IT personnel and investigative team have the expertise to handle the most significant discovery projects, having assisted the government in sorting through millions of documents in past cases. With Hoyer Law Group, you will get the tech-savvy of a large firm that takes on the most document-intensive matters, while enjoying the access of a  law firm that makes its attorneys available to its clients.

With more than a century of combined litigation experience, Hoyer Law Group attorneys have the knowledge to deal with the unexpected and counsel you through rough times. Whether it is an employment issue, potential government fraud or a question for your business, contact us to see how we can help.

Defend Employee Rights

We are relentless advocates for victims of discrimination, pay inequity, harassment, and wrongful termination. Hoyer Law Group’s attorneys have taken on the largest and fiercest employers from Walmart to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and even Congress, recovering tens of millions of dollars for clients along the way.

Expose Government Fraud

We prosecute the full spectrum of whistleblower cases, including False Claims Act qui tam, SEC, IRS, CFTC & FIAFEA matters. Our experience allows us to navigate the complex process of working with the government on large-scale fraud cases. All told, lawsuits brought by Hoyer Law Group’s attorneys have helped return hundreds of millions of dollars to the government and tens of millions to our clients.

Protect Your Business

We have a wide range of business services from business disputes, to incorporation, to contracts licenses, to employee management and corporate governance. We also help with your employment practices, including employment manuals, severance agreements, and employment contracts. Hoyer Law Group’s attorneys strive to take the complexity out of your business’s equation to make it easier for you to succeed.

With offices in Florida, D.C., Michigan, and California, attorneys admitted in numerous states and federal courts, and an extensive network of co-counsel, rest assured that we can help you no matter where you reside.

To schedule a consultation, call 844-277-1217 or complete our simple online inquiry form.

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"What an Amazing group to work with! Highly recommend! They have a true passion for helping others and they are impressively good at finding Justice!"
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