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Legal Counsel For Human Resources Departments

In many companies, human resources (HR) departments are on the front lines when it comes to regulatory compliance and litigation prevention. Human resources representatives are also often the first to put in hard work in response to employment-related disputes. Company leaders may request data and confirmation of employees’ hours worked and/or attendance at training sessions, for example. They often need legal guidance as they prepare to defend their companies against wage and hour or harassment claims and lawsuits.

Because the lawyers at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, understand the vital role that human resources play in employment law matters, they are well equipped to help companies accordingly. From law offices in Tampa, Florida; Washington, D.C.; Michigan and California, we advise and represent human resource managers and other relevant personnel for employers nationwide. Our team often works with human resource organizations for prevention and in response to legal challenges.

In Support Of Human Resources Personnel And Processes

Our trial lawyers often represent plaintiffs in employment law disputes. This experience has prepared us to help businesses avoid costly litigation. Our services include counseling HR professionals and executives, and we assist in:

  • Creating employment policies, including training procedures
  • Drafting employment manuals
  • Drafting employment contracts and agreements
  • Protecting trade secrets and other proprietary information
  • Representing employers in disputes

We pride ourselves in the customized advice that we provide to HR representatives from businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an HR department of one or are in charge of a whole crew of HR employees, we are ready to adapt our style to meet your needs. You can count on respectful interactions and clear communications with your attorney from our firm.

We Are Here To Meet Your Needs In Legal Matters Involving HR

Let us know what you need to support your HR activity, whether it has to do with prevention or response to disputes. Your goals as an employer are ours, too. We are also available to counsel employees with concerns related to interactions with HR.

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