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Seeking Damages For Construction Defects

We represent condominium, townhome, homeowners associations, and business property owners seeking damages for construction defects, such as:

  • Real and artificial stucco failure
  • Water intrusion and building envelope failures
  • Roof failures
  • Underground drain failures
  • Design errors
  • Poor workmanship
  • Building material and product failures
  • Failing roads and infrastructure
  • Roadway problems
  • Soil and slope instability and geologic hazard problems

Types Of Defects

There are two main types of construction defects: patent and latent. Patent defects are those that are readily apparent when looking at them. Latent defects are not so obvious and may actually be invisible to the naked eye. All defects can result in serious damage to your property.

Regardless of the type of defect, you should consider consulting with a trained expert to determine the extent to which your property may be damaged. Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, stands ready to help property owners get the professional help needed to evaluate problems, assess repair options and estimate costs.

Defects that you can’t easily detect can have a large impact on your property’s value. For condominiums, the Community Associations Institute issued a report saying 35% of the respondents said that construction defects negatively impacted the property value and the ability to re-sell the home.

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Poor Workmanship

While you often know your general contractor, you may not know the subcontractors they are using. These subcontractors may have used poor workmanship that will cause long-term harm to your building or the overall value of the building.

Subsurface Deficiencies

These defects are often hard to identify because they are by definition under surfaces or covered by flooring. Having an improperly installed foundation can lead to cracks, separation, improper settling and other serious issues that over time can cause significant damage to your overall structure.

Defective Building Materials

When you first take possession of your building, it may not be possible to know if the materials used during construction are going to be problematic. Contractors may have used substandard materials that cause leaks, deterioration of the roof or damage to other functional parts of the building.

Water Intrusion

Usually, due to faulty roof design, defective windows and negligent installation of siding, that over time can lead to leaks that lead to the deterioration of the building and diminished property values.

Code Issues

Newer buildings are subject to many different codes for both life and safety. Substandard work and a lack of attention can result in a finished building that is in violation of various federal, state and local codes.

Insulation And Ventilation

Often difficult to identify without a qualified professional, poor insulation and ventilation systems can lead to major issues, particularly for commercial properties. Problems include insufficient airflow, inability to stabilize temperature, foul odors and mold.

Design Errors

Design professionals such as architects and engineers can be responsible for damages caused by negligent design or related services, such as quality control assurance during the construction process. Determining whether design errors exist and who may be liable is a complex task, which is why you need an experienced construction attorney to analyze your case.

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