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Employment Lawyer Tampa, FL

Employment Lawyer Tampa, FL - employee rights illustrationAs a trusted Tampa, FL employment lawyer from our firm knows, any job can have growing pains. You may be wondering if your co-workers are going to like you or you may want to know how long it is going to take you to get that raise. However, there may be instances where you want to know if a situation is legal or if your employer is treating you in a way that is legal. As you enter the workforce or switch jobs, you may have many questions regarding employment law in Florida and you may wish to know what kinds of rights you have. Contact Hoyer Law Group, PLLC for more information when you need the right answers. 

Is it possible for my employer to up and fire me? 

Absolutely. Your employer also does not necessarily owe you a reason for firing you either, since Florida is an at-will state when it comes to employment. That said, if you believe your employer fired you for certain reasons (your gender, your religion) then you should work with our team to fight back. 

What kinds of rights do I have as an employee? 

When you are employed under Florida law, you have the right to be protected against discrimination. This means you may be a member of a certain protected class based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Nationality 
  • Disability

This simply means that you are protected from being fired if any of these factors play into the decision. It also means that an employer cannot choose not to hire you based on these reasons as well. 

I would like to bring a complaint forward against my employer. What should I do? 

If you believe you have a good reason for bringing a complaint against your employer, one of the best things you can do is reach out to your Tampa employment lawyer. You should schedule a meeting with your lawyer and bring any evidence you may have against your employer so that you can both determine if your claim is valid. If you have found that your employer has violated your rights during your time of employment, your lawyer can help you send your complaint to the right agency. 

Should I file a suit or a workers’ compensation claim?

If you were injured while working or someone intentionally injured you, you have a few options. You can either file a workers’ compensation claim while you are out and unable to work, file a suit against your employer, or file a suit against someone else if you believe their actions were intentional. It is important to discuss these options with your lawyer to determine which course of legal action is good to take. 

Get Legal Help Today! 

If you need help with an employee rights issue during your time of employment, it is important to seek legal help you can trust. Call Hoyer Law Group, PLLC now to speak with our trusted Tampa employment lawyer today.

Types of Employment Discrimination

Hiring a Tampa, FL employment lawyer like one at Hoyer Law Group can be helpful if you are facing situations that may fall under employment discrimination. One of the most common issues that many workers face is discrimination in the workplace, and it can take many forms. When you first notice signs of discrimination, you should take action as soon as possible. Do not allow an employer to get away with unlawful discrimination. While discriminatory behavior and actions in the workplace can be hard to recognize, it is important that you become familiar with the many forms that they can take. 

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is discrimination that refers to your race, ethnicity, country of origin, and skin color. It is unlawful for staff or management to make negative comments about your racial identity that can be disruptive to your work, or used as a reason to treat you unfairly. Examples of racial discrimination include putting workers of certain races in the back of a room, while workers of a different race are allowed to work at the front of the store. If you believe that you are being discriminated against on the basis of race, you may want to speak to a Tampa employment lawyer. 

Sex and Gender Discrimination

Discrimination based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation are unlawful. Many people across many different industries experience this form of discrimination. Examples of sex discrimination is when female workers are paid less than male workers, or if a worker’s pronouns are constantly being made fun of or if a worker is not granted access to resources that they need, such as bathrooms. 

Age Discrimination

A less common but equally important type of discrimination that occurs in the workplace is gae discrimination. Some industries, like tech and industrial industries, value workers who are younger because employers believe that older workers might not be able to do technical tasks more efficiently. Employers may have a less than favorable view of elderly workers because they believe that they are not able to learn information or skills as quickly as younger workers. An example of age discrimination is when older workers are regularly not considered for promotion. 

Pregnancy Discrimination 

When you are trying to inform your employer that you are planning to start a family or must leave work temporarily because you are pregnant, it can be an intimidating process. You might be worried about your employer’s reaction. Regardless of how they feel, you have a right to your family planning decisions. If an employer discriminated against you by revoking a promotion or adjusting your pay or job duties because of a personal family decision like pregnancy, you may have a right to seek legal action against them.

If you believe that you have evidence that may allow you to file a discrimination case, talk to a qualified lawyer who has experience handling such cases. You should not be continually disrespected and treated unfairly at any kind of work environment. If you are being discriminated against at work, you could be entitled to receive compensation. To receive more information about your legal rights, set up a consultation with a Tampa employment lawyer like one from Hoyer Law Group.