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How We Manage Your Qui Tam Claim

Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, has learned through experience that a claim of significant fraud, if properly investigated and managed, will always command attention. At our firm, an investigator and one or more attorneys will be assigned to flesh out the proof of your claim, and create the formal disclosure statement for use by the government. We know how to present a case in a way that maximizes impact and attention.

After filing the complaint, the proof-building process continues as we monitor the progress of the case and offer our assistance to government attorneys and agents. Preparing you for your interview with government attorneys, and organizing your proof for presentation, are critical tasks. Locating witnesses and additional documentation must be done discreetly and efficiently. Your assistance to the government must be recognized and documented. This information is key when it comes time for you to receive financial credit. The process can last for years while the case remains sealed from public view. Costs and frustrations build up accordingly. We handle both.

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