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Negotiating Executive Compensation Packages And Employment Agreements

You made it through all the interviews and passed the reference check. Now it’s time for negotiations and not just about your salary. The offer stage of the hiring phase is when you should be thinking about what happens if things go south with your new employer. Who will own the intellectual property you create? What about the customers you brought with you? What about the new customers you worked so hard to recruit? What about post-employment competition? Will you be paid for your accrued, unused vacation? The less uncertainty, the better for everyone involved.

You’re excited about your new job prospects, but before you sign on the dotted line and enter into the agreements prepared by your employer’s lawyers, call us.

Reviewing And Negotiating Severance Agreements

Most people do not realize just how negotiable severance agreements are. Before you agree to the unilateral terms offered by your employer, talk to one of our experienced employment law attorneys. We will explore the circumstances of your departure, whether planned or unplanned, and dig for additional leverage. We’ll explain the complex legalese and help make sure that the deal you get is as fair as possible.

Restrictive Covenants, Including Noncompete Agreements And Nonsolicitation Agreements

More and more employers are trying to restrict employees in their post-employment activities by demanding that employees execute restrictive covenants, including noncompete agreements and nonsolicitation agreements. Bad advice floats around on the internet claiming that noncompete agreements are unenforceable. The truth is, in the vast majority of jurisdictions, noncompete agreements are perfectly legal and quite powerful. However, there are many ways to challenge them. Before you sign a restrictive covenant, or before you violate one, talk to one of our employment law attorneys. Contact us online or call 888-943-1352.