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Experienced Guidance In Shareholder And Partnership Disputes

In any business, disputes can arise with shareholders or partners. When the outcome of these disputes can impact the future of a business, it is important that you have the grace and tact to navigate your way through them.

Here at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, we work with our clients through their entire dispute. We know what can be at stake in your business dispute, which is why we work so hard to secure the result that best protects your interests. We help clients across the nation from our offices in Florida, California, Michigan and Washington, D.C., and we are ready to help you.

A Proactive Approach

Part of what can help secure a favorable outcome is taking action before the problems that lead to a dispute occur. When we represent you, we also look for opportunities to get ahead of things in a dispute rather than only reacting to the problems as they present themselves.

We can help you through even the most contentious disputes, such as:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Succession planning disputes
  • Compensation for executives
  • Sale or purchase agreements
  • Untangling gridlocks in business decisions
  • Enforcing corporate regulation
  • Dissolution of a business

When companies spend too much time trying to resolve a dispute, it can cut down their focus on other business areas that still need attention. Let us help you resolve things efficiently and effectively.

Start Pursuing Your Resolution Today

Do not let a business dispute with shareholders or partners take more time, money and energy than necessary. Taking action today brings you one step closer to your resolution, so contact us now to take that first step. Call us at 844-277-1217 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.

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"What an Amazing group to work with! Highly recommend! They have a true passion for helping others and they are impressively good at finding Justice!"
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