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If you work for a government agency, you may wonder if you have the same rights as someone working for a private employer. Many people who have been harassed, discriminated against, or are in a hostile work environment at a government organization naturally wonder if there is even any point in seeking legal action against their employer. The truth is even a government employer has a duty to ensure that each employee is fairly treated in the workplace. It is also responsible for ensuring that no one is working in a hostile environment. If you’re worried about harassment or retaliation after filing a workplace complaint, a Washington D.C. government lawyer can advise you of your legal options.

How Do I Know If I Have A Workplace Harassment Or Discrimination Claim?

Employees in the public sector, even federal employees, still have rights and protections under the law. This includes being fairly treated at work and working in an environment without harassment.

However, just because there are strict laws and regulations in place governing employee rights and protections doesn’t mean that harassment or retaliation never happens. Some employees may not realize they’re creating a hostile workplace environment with sexual or racial jokes or making comments about a co-worker’s appearance. Certain topics of conversation don’t belong in the workplace, and it’s up to your employer to ensure everyone remains professional.

Discrimination in the workplace can also happen, although it may be more subtle than in decades past. A supervisor or manager may not overtly refuse to promote you because of your color, nationality, sex, or age, but they may come up with other legally acceptable reasons. An attorney can help you learn whether you have a legitimate complaint.

How Can A Washington D.C. Government Lawyer Help Me?

The first step in ending workplace discrimination and harassment is reporting it to your manager or Human Resources Department. If they fail to act, you may have legal grounds to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Once you do that, you may receive approval to file a lawsuit against your employer – yes, even the government – to recover any lost wages if you lost your job or missed work because you were being harassed. If the discrimination or hostile workplace environment impacted your career progression (perhaps you didn’t receive promotions or training you should have been eligible for), your lawsuit can cover those losses, too.

Do You Need Legal Representation?

Suppose you’ve been discriminated against or harassed at work. In that case, a government attorney lawyer can help you pursue justice, whether through a complaint filed with the EEOC or a lawsuit. If you’ve lost your job or been on the receiving end of other types of retaliation after filing a complaint, you also have legal options. A Washington, D.C., government lawyer at Hoyer Law Group can look into the details of your claim and offer insightful advice so you can make good decisions about your future. Contact us today for a consultation.

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