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Outside Business Counsel Tampa, FL

Not every business can afford a full-time business attorney to look out for their legal interests, but this doesn’t mean they should be without legal advice. Let the experienced legal team at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, fill that role for your enterprise. Your Tampa, FL, outside business counsel can work with you at each stage of your business evolution, from start-up or entrepreneurship to the point of passing the torch on, according to your business succession plan.

Our savvy business lawyers provide support for each aspect of your business, from contracts to employment and partnership agreements. We can help you form the entity, negotiate contracts and business agreements on your behalf, and ensure compliance with Florida and federal laws. Contact our firm today to get started.

Why Retain A Tampa Outside Business Counsel?

Outside counsel can review your business opportunities and decisions and conduct risk assessment, looking for potential consequences of certain actions or decisions. Building the proper legal foundation for your company can help you avoid costly litigation and resolve disputes more easily. If your business faces a dispute or litigation threat, we can represent you in the matter, protecting your business and interests.

We advise executives, boards of directors, business owners, and shareholders, among others. You can call us for legal emergencies, knowing that we are focused only on your success. We develop an ongoing business relationship with you, so we have an in-depth understanding of your goals and worries. This insight is applied to every legal situation, protecting you.

Comprehensive General Counsel Services

We advise business owners like you on a range of business issues, from tax liability to transactions and contract reviews or employment law. Legal services are the key to growing and maintaining your business without pitfalls that could cause serious legal and financial trouble.

We can draft and review all legal documents, including partnership agreements, business succession plans, lease and rental agreements, and other vendor and employment contracts. We also help protect your intellectual property and monitor for any breach.

When it’s time to grow, we can negotiate merger or acquisition transactions, perform due diligence and establish the terms of any transaction. We can also guide you on the new business formation and how to best structure your new entity. Our outside counsel attorneys may enforce contracts, taking legal action if need, including non-solicitation and non-compete agreements or other breaches. Often, we can settle these matters in arbitration or mediation, representing your business in negotiations.

Identifying And Mitigating Legal Risks

Laws are ever-changing, and part of running your business means remaining compliant with Florida and federal laws. Our lawyers keep you updated on changes that could affect your business and advise you of necessary changes you need to make, or opportunities a change in the law might afford your business.

At Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, we can act as a strategic advisor to your company’s leadership team. Our insight can protect you, and a Tampa outside business counsel can help your business thrive. Contact our firm today for a personalized consultation.

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