We represent qui tam whistleblowers who come forward to expose wrongdoing and fraud against the federal or state government. Our successful False Claims Act qui tam, SEC, IRS and FIAFEA/FIRREA whistleblower cases have returned hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the government and our clients have received tens of millions of the returned funds.

Many potential whistleblowers and their lawyers believe all they need to do is file a complaint, and then sit back to wait for the money truck to arrive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. After you file a whistleblower lawsuit, it is randomly assigned to a government lawyer who has hundreds of other matters competing for his or her attention and there are limited resources to pursue large-scale fraud.

Facing these obstacles, you need attorneys who have litigated big cases before and you need investigators who know how to prove fraud. We have the experience to turn your knowledge into results in a qui tam complaint.

Our team’s expert knowledge of how the system works makes a big difference when it counts most. We know how to get the government interested in your case, which is vitally important when you are competing against thousands of other cases. Consider that 96% of all money recovered under the False Claims Act is recovered in cases where the government intervenes and that the government only intervenes in about a quarter of all False Claims Act cases. We know how to get your case to the top of the pile.

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