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The attorneys at Hoyer Law Group, PLLC, have decades of experience representing individuals in employment disputes and whistleblower matters. We assist both private and government employees in taking a stand against unlawful discrimination and enforcing civil rights. We also represent whistleblowers in a variety of matters ranging from making disclosures to various government agencies for rewards to litigating claims of retaliation in federal court to handling numerous significant qui tam cases under the False Claims Act.

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Government Employees

We represent federal employees before the EEOC, OSC, MSPB and in federal court. We are well-versed in EEO and EEOC procedures, and we can help you navigate the complex web of laws, rules and directives that challenge employees seeking to enforce their rights.

Private Sector Employees

Whether you need help negotiating a fair compensation package and understanding the terms of a noncompete, or stopping workplace discrimination and retaliation, our attorneys can help. We have represented employees at all levels and in all types of industries, from factory maintenance workers reporting illegal dumping to executives opposing the glass ceiling. Whether you are a victim of sexual harassment, seeking help with a reasonable accommodation for your disability, or blowing the whistle on pollution or fraud against the government, our experienced attorneys can help you protect your career through the most difficult times.


While most of our clients are employees, we have also championed a number of other causes, including those of whistleblowers seeking to stop fraud against the government. If you are aware of fraud against the government, talk to one of our experienced whistleblower attorneys today. We can help you take steps to protect yourself from retaliation and to maximize any rewards you may be entitled to.

Small Businesses

We offer a variety of services for small businesses, including entity formation, handbook, and policy development and review, and independent investigations.

Through decades of representing employees in disputes with their employers and investigating and prosecuting countless complaints of retaliation and discrimination, our attorneys have learned a thing or two about the risks faced by your small business.

Whether you are forming a new LLC and trying to figure out how to handle everyday business matters in your operating agreement, or facing a difficult decision about what to do with a problematic employee, we can help.

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