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ABC Interviews James Hoyer Partner About For-Profit Colleges

by Dave Scher | Aug 19, 2014 | Firm News

Jesse Hoyer - Partner

Jesse Hoyer – Partner

ABC Action News in Tampa continued its multi-year  investigation of for-profit colleges with another powerful report on this troubled industry.  This time the report focused on Everest University, which is closing down or selling off it’s campuses and online programs around the country.  The action comes after a Department of Education investigation revealed serious problems, including falsified job placement and attendance numbers and inflated grades.

ABC’s I-Team reporter Adam Walser interviewed James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer about the for profit college industry and the latest problems at Everest.  “This is a school that’s getting over a billion dollars a year in federal funding and the government is getting no return on its investment, ” said  Hoyer.

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