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Hoyer Law Group Helps Secure $1.3 Million Settlement in False Claims Act Case

by Hoyer Law Group, PLLC | Jun 25, 2024 | Case Results, Firm News, Whistleblowers

Hoyer Law Group, in partnership with co-counsel Donna MacKenzie of Olsman MacKenzie Peacock & Wallace, is pleased to announce a significant settlement in a False Claims Act case against Averhealth. The case, involving allegations of fraudulent drug testing practices, has resulted in a settlement of over $1.3 million.

The Department of Justice’s press release details this case’s allegations and resolution, underscoring the importance of accountability and integrity in healthcare services. In 2019, Averhealth began performing drug screening and confirmation testing for the State of Michigan’s Children’s Protective Services and Foster Care programs under a contract with MDHHS. The whistleblower, represented by our firm and Ms. MacKenzie, played a crucial role in bringing these issues to light, ensuring that justice is served and that such practices are addressed.

Attorney David Haron

Attorney David Haron

“We are proud to have represented the whistleblower in this case,” said David Haron, Of Counsel, at Hoyer Law Group. “This settlement highlights the vital role that whistleblowers play in exposing fraudulent activities and protecting public funds. Our commitment to supporting whistleblowers in their courageous efforts remains steadfast.”

The settlement reflects the collective efforts of the legal team, the whistleblower, and the United States government in pursuing justice and ensuring accountability. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the False Claims Act in combating fraud and protecting taxpayer dollars.

Hoyer Law Group is a leading law firm specializing in whistleblower litigation, dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who expose fraudulent activities. With a commitment to integrity and justice, our experienced team works tirelessly to ensure that whistleblowers receive the support and representation they deserve. For more information on this case and the work of Hoyer Law Group in whistleblower litigation, please contact us.

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