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The most common issues employees have with employers

by Hoyer Law Group, PLLC | Jul 5, 2023 | Employment Law

When you go to work, you have the right to be able to do your job in an environment that is free from discriminatory actions and other issues. However, you may experience different things that are not only sources of unhappiness in your career, but also a direct violation of your rights. It is beneficial for any employee, regardless of the individual job description, to understand his or her rights and know what to do in the event of a violation of those rights.

There are various different issues that can impact the relationship between an employer and employees. No matter where you work or your job description, you may experience a situation that makes you uncomfortable, unhappy or concerned. When you face these things, you may find it useful to learn about the options available to you, whether it is filing a complaint with human resources or taking legal action. The right course of action will, of course, depend on the details of the individual situation.

The difficulties you may experience with your job

Every job is different, and the difficulties you could face will depend on the role you have and other details specific to your job requirements. However, any employee has the right to speak out about situations with which he or she is uncomfortable or unsure, and a prudent place to start with this is to speak with the human resources department about company policies, expectations and procedures for complaints. Common complaints filed with human resources include the following:

  • Employees believe their employer is playing favorites with employees.
  • There is a disconnect between managers and the owners of the business.
  • Employers are violating employment laws.
  • There is an unclear communication process or system for promotions.
  • An employer terminated an employee without apparent cause or explanation.
  • There are insufficient training programs for the nature of the business.
  • There is a lack of transparency with applicants or undefined employee roles.

Not all of these issues are valid grounds for legal action, but that does not mean that you cannot discuss your issue with the HR department. However, in cases that involve a violation of employment rights, such as discrimination or harassment, you may benefit from seeking professional guidance regarding your legal options. If you are a victim of any illegal or unfair treatment, you do not have to remain silent about what you experienced.

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