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Pfizer Exec Can Pursue Whistleblower Retaliation Over “Dirty” Clinical Data

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Firm News

A former Pfizer oncology director has been given a green light by a federal judge to pursue a whistleblower lawsuit against the drugmaker over claims that allegedly ‘dirty data’ was being hidden from the FDA. And the judge struck down a Pfizer argument that the former employee, who claimed she lost her job over the disclosures, was not protected by a state labor law governing retaliation.

Here is the background: For two years, Delina Ferretti was director of oncology at Pfizer, where she was responsible for handling clinical operations for various compounds and overseeing data reviews. But five months into the job, she noticed a problem with one drug that was in Phase I testing – study participants were using prohibited medications and adverse events were not reported to the FDA.

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