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Payday Lender Class Action Suit Moving Forward

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Firm News

The ABC station in Orlando profiles our payday lending class action case which is finally moving forward after nearly 20 years. Click on the video above to watch the story.

Advance America pic

Justice could be nearing after almost two decades. The James Hoyer law firm is part of a team of lawyers on this important payday lending case that’s been certified as a class action.

Betts and Reuter v. McKenzie Check Advance of Florida (now doing business as Advance America), LLC, et al has dragged on for almost 20 years and is now moving forward.  If successful, it could finally mean money back for 1000s of consumers who were exploited and forced to pay exorbitant fees for payday loans.
Wendy Betts

Wendy Betts

The ABC station in Orlando, WFTV, profiled the case and our class representative Wendy Betts.  Watch the video above. A grandmother of three, Betts has been a pillar of strength throughout the lengthy process.  She is determined to hold the payday lenders in her case accountable for taking advantage of people in difficult times.  Thousands of customers were subjected to loan shark interest rates of nearly 400 percent, which left many trapped in a cycle of debt.

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