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Miami Herald Exposes Shady For-Profit College Business Practices

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Firm News

Jesse Hoyer - Partner

Jesse Hoyer – Partner

James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer was interviewed for this in-depth expose` on for-profit colleges in Florida.  Hoyer’s expertise in the for-profit college arena is extensive, having represented multiple for-profit college whistleblowers who’ve come forward to report fraud against the government.

The Miami Herald spent a year investigating for-profit colleges, interviewing dozens of witnesses and reviewing thousands of documents.  The paper’s findings are quite alarming– from unaccredited schools churning out unprepared healthcare workers who might take care of you or your loved ones; to the politicians who accepted donations from this industry, and then, passed laws paving the way for  for-profit schools to take advantage of students and taxpayers.

In one of the key articles, “Politicians turn Florida into for-profit college paradise,” attorney Jesse Hoyer explains the mess it’s all become:

Tampa attorney Jesse Hoyer, who has handled multiple for-profit college “whistle-blower” cases — legal claims brought by employees alleging fraud — said dishonest practices are “systemic” throughout the industry.

“Somebody needs to go to jail, end of story,” Hoyer said. “The level of deceit that’s going on here, the level of fraud that’s going on here, somebody needs to go to jail.”

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