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Lynch Expected To Be Confirmed Today

by Hoyer Law Group, PLLC | Apr 23, 2015 | Whistleblowers

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After five months, Loretta Lynch is one vote away from confirmation.

The Senate voted 66-34 to move to a final vote to confirm Loretta Lynch as the next United States Attorney General and first African-American female to fill the position.

Lynch’s confirmation was originally expected to be a smooth process given her experience and record, but has instead lasted almost half a year as Republicans stirred up controversy surrounding Lynch’s views of some of President Obama’s executive orders.

Ted Cruz, now a Republican candidate for President, said of a Lynch regime, “We are sadly going to see more and more lawlessness, more recklessness, more abuse of power, more executive lawlessness.”

On the other side of the aisle, President Obama described the long process as “embarrassing” last week and Minority Leader Harry M. Reid addressed the Senate on Thursday, lamenting that “I guess I was naive in thinking my Republican colleagues would treat Loretta Lynch with the dignity that she and her office deserve.”

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