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James Hoyer Creative Director Premieres JFK Documentary

by Hoyer Law Group, PLLC | Nov 8, 2013 | Firm News


James Hoyer Creative Director Larry Wiezycki is the director and editor of a fascinating, new PBS documentary about President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Tampa just days before he was assassinated.

JFK in Tampa: The 50th Anniversary premiered November 7th at the Tampa Theatre to a standing room only crowd and will air multiple times on PBS stations throughout Florida, including WUSF TV channel 16 in Tampa.

The one hour documentary is the culmination of a two year project on which Larry collaborated with Tampa producer and writer Lynn Marvin Dingfelder.
Larry Wiezycki - Creative Director

Larry Wiezycki, and Lynn Marvin Dingfelder at the premiere. Introduced by documentary narrator Frank Robertson

Capturing the Moment

The documentary team captured the stories of more than 50 people — dignitaries, members of the media, and average citizens who were touched by President Kennedy’s visit.

“It takes you back to November 18, 1963.  A time capsule of home movies, photos and stories told by those who were in Tampa on that special day 50 years ago,” Larry said.   “Our hope is to make you feel like you were there.  You’ll see the excitement ignited in Tampa by one of our country’s most charismatic presidents ever and learn a lot along the way, too.”

Larry Wiezycki and wife Kim at “JFK in Tampa: The 50th Anniversary” premiere at The Tampa Theatre

The documentary also serves as the foundation for a new exhibit opening on November 8th at the Tampa Bay History Center called “JFK in Tampa: The Exhibition.”

We are proud to congratulate Larry for such an amazing achievement!

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