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Investigative Report on Medical Fraud Profiles James Hoyer Whistleblower Case

by Hoyer Law Group, PLLC | Oct 10, 2018 | Firm News

A powerful investigative report appearing on several Florida TV stations is exposing the alarming problem of medical equipment fraud, which costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. (Watch the report above.)

James Hoyer clients Codi Fletcher & Daniel Yarbrough interviewed for investigative report (Photo courtesy: WPTV)

Two whistleblowers represented by the James Hoyer law firm were interviewed and shared their stories to help expose the problem.

Both former employees of AM-Med Medical Supplies in Florida, they explained how patients were endlessly harassed to buy equipment they didn’t want and then the government was billed for it.

Attorney Jesse Hoyer interviewed by Scripps Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone. (Photo courtesy: WPTV)

James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer also talked with Scripps Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone to explain how this whistleblower case is shining a light on this troubling issue.  The suit reveals that supplies were even sent to dead people with taxpayers picking up the tab.

LaGrone presents a compelling report on how this nationwide problem takes advantage of patients and taxpayers.

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