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DOJ Announces Record Recovery for False Claims Act in 2014

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Firm News

The Department of Justice announced today it recovered nearly $6 Billion from False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2014.  It is the first annual recovery to exceed $5 Billion.  More than 700 Whistleblower Lawsuits were filed for second consecutive year.
Noted in the DOJ news release:
“It has been an extraordinary year for civil fraud recoveries, but the true significance is not in breaking records or making history; it is in the billions of dollars restored to the federal treasury,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Branda.  “The False Claims Act was enacted both to protect vital taxpayer dollars and deter those who would misuse public funds.  The department will continue to enforce the law aggressively to ensure the integrity of government programs designed to keep us safer, healthier and economically more prosperous.”
Click here to read the entire DOJ news release.

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