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Countrywide Whistleblower Talks about Long Road to Successful Case

by | Jul 13, 2012 | Firm News

The life of a whistleblower takes a strong will and driving desire to make a difference. That was the case for Klye Lagow, a former housing appraiser with Countrywide Financial, who filed a lawsuit under seal in 2009 to expose what he saw as widespread appraisal fraud committed by the company. He had to keep his charges secret from everyone he knew as the government investigated.  Finally now, he is vindicated by a $1 Billion settlement with Countrywide’s parent company, Bank of America.  His portion of the settlement for bringing it to the government’s attention is $14.5 million.  That amount provides some financial security to him and his family after a long, hard path. Click here ( to read more about what Lagow’s life was like have to remain silent for so long, before the suit was finally made public.

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